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Category: Animal Kingdom

Snow Monkeys Of Japan

Jigokudani Yaenkoen, located near Nagano in Japan, is where the Japanese Macaques (popularly known as the Snow Monkeys) can be observed as they soak in an onsen, a monkey’s only onsen. The walk to this area is aprroximately 1.5kms and is the only way to get to the observation area. So it doesn’t matter if you fall in the royalty or wealthy category. Everyone has to do the walking to get here. It is breathtaking walk though.

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Bear Bile

I remember having a product referred to as ‘bear-bile powder’ applied on my mouth ulcer when i was little. The traditional chinese medicine shopkeeper in our area recommended it to my mum. Many years later, I am now aware of what this powder is and the origins of it.

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