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A Little About…


  • Was born and raised in Malaysia.
  • Is currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Loves goreng pisang.
  • Is highly anal.
  • Is not anti-social. She just doesn’t like humans.
  • Enjoys foto.graphy but isn’t that great with the techniques. Some of her work are available as stock photos and in a variety of prints.
  • Enjoys travelling. China and Japan remains her favourite countries. China for its history, culture and amazingness. Japan for its beauty, culture and sub-culture, distinguished seasons, attention to detail, incomparable service and how things are so organised and systematic even when it’s chaotic.
  • Can be contacted at junkgirl at dearlindal dot com.


  1. TangYP TangYP

    Hi there

    I do really enjoyed your website “Nippon Journey”. Japn was our favourite country for our vacation. We have just visited the Sapporo Snow Festival. But due to the enconomic downturn, the festival was not as grand as before.

    Would visiting your web for any new ventures.


  2. YP – Glad to know that you’ve enjoyed the Japan posts and thank you for visiting my blog. Japan is certainly an amazing country.

    – Linda –

  3. HaMz HaMz


  4. Yeah…thanks for dropping by

  5. Interesting site

  6. HELLO! wow nice space! ^__^ have a good day!

  7. Stan Stan

    nice looking blog

  8. Hello, nice blog

  9. Jana Jana

    I’ll be on vacation in Tokyo and Kyoto in this summer. I really enjoyed your journals about your trip and I wondered, if you could give me an advice where should I eat in Kyoto. I’m have a tight budget(just a pooooooor student on her own!)
    Thank you a million times…

  10. Ayumi Ayumi

    Hi Linda!! I’m Japanese from Tokyo and currently in Melbourne. I really enjoyed your website. There are many nice photos!:)

  11. Hello Ayumi. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog and the photos. ^_^

  12. BrandonHeat BrandonHeat

    Hi Linda! Love your blog.. keep it up!

  13. Thank you for loving my blog BrandonHeat. I will try to keep it up.

  14. hmmm hmmm


  15. ?? ??


  16. namesss namesss

    sweet. : X

  17. Nice photos linda, what do u do in melb?

  18. hhmm…. moar moar pictures…

  19. Thatssoron – I work in Melbourne.

  20. as…a bean counter.

  21. Darkness 2010 Darkness 2010

    I really enjoy your pictures Linda.

    Darkness 2010

    PS: I have one small request – if you see a bullet train could you take a photo of it. I am working on something that involves aerodynamics and I am really interested in the latest way to cheat wind, not break wind. Thanks 🙂

  22. Darkness, your request here – Bullet trains . Hope it’s what you’re after.

  23. Joe G Joe G

    you said “highly anal”. is that a typo?

  24. Joe G Joe G

    I just looked up the word ‘anal’. please forgive my ignorance. and delete my comment of course.

  25. Your ignorance is forgiven, Joe G : p

  26. helo junk girl….

    bean counter eh!? if that is wat i think it is… then high five! ZZzzZZ

  27. qai qai

    hi junkgirl(LINDA),

    I found your web from nameweeblogspot. Nice comments from you. But the most made me excited, KOPI-O and the crackers. Its seem you and me share the secrets of “cicah”(soak) cracker into the KOPI-O. Have a nice KOPI-O linda!

  28. Hi. I’m currently searching for vans replica to use for skating. Can u tell me which shop in Sungei Wang that sell vans replica?

  29. I haven’t been to Sungei Wang for more than half a year now, Azad but if you make a trip there and wander around, I’m sure you’ll come across a couple of shops stocking replica Vans.

  30. Hi!!
    I found this cool blog when I was searching for T2tea.
    Actually my Aussie wife wants to import T2tea and have a small cafe in Hokkaido.
    Anyway thanks for the good posts, and I’d love it if you could have a look at my blog as well!!

  31. Hello Kyohei,

    Glad to know you enjoyed the posts. How are you going with importing T2tea? I love their concept.

  32. Koi Koi

    Hi Linda,

    Which Paris apartment did you stay? Am going there at the end of the year. Thanks. All the best.

  33. Hi Koi,

    You must be excited. I stayed at Saint Germain Severin apartment in the St Michel area.

  34. Koi Koi

    Thanks, Linda. Although it is a high school graduation present for my son, I’m more excited than he is. My only time in Paris was with his mom before he was born. Louvre & Eiffel that’s all. We’ll spend more time there this trip. I’m reading your France posts for ideas as I am still planning the trip. Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, may have to drop Budapest (already dropped Ljubljana from my plan). Best regards from Perth.

  35. Wow. That is a lot of places to cover. I spent 3 weeks in France and only managed to cover parts of Northern France. Hope my France posts were able to give you some ideas. Planning for travel is part of the fun too. I am up to Day 13 with my France posts and have about 10 days remaining, mostly out of Paris.

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