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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is a shame. It only shows China’s lack of empathy towards animals.

Travel China Guide describes the animal show…

Walking into the animal performing hall, you are welcomed by all the lovely animal actors. Elephants, dogs, sheep, bears, tigers, lions, monkeys and parrots are eager to present a colorful performance. All of them have superior skills and cooperate well with each other. They are praised as the top animal actors and some are even the animal stars. During the recent National Holiday, the zoo personnel held a wedding ceremony for a bear couple and many animals were invited to join in. Visitors witnessed this happy moment and sent their best wishes to the new couple. The dog racing course is the venue for animals that are good at running or galloping. Dogs, camels, ostriches and Mongolian horses are the selected competitors. Who will win? Let’s wait and see.

Really? The animals are eager to present a colourful performance to humans. The animals would not have a clue as to what they are performing. All they know is that they do not have a choice. How did they gain these ‘superior entertainment skills’? Through constant caning? Starvation? It is not in animals nature to perform. It is just unnatural and quite ridiculous. All for the entertainment of humans.

This is how the animals are made to be eager to perform…

It is infamous for its staging of “animal olympics” featuring up to 40 “sports” such as bear bicycle races, dog hurdling, a gorilla on a balance beam and basketball between elephants. In 2012, it was reported that a press officer for the park deflected criticism by stating it was pleasant for the animals because all games were “based on their nature”. However, a year later an Olympic bicycle race between a bear and two monkeys ended in horror after the bear collided with one of the primates and proceeded to eat it in front of a packed arena. In shocking footage that went viral online, costumed zoo staff eventually stopped the bear from devouring the monkey by beating it with sticks.

One of the sick animal olympic shows gone wrong

Greyhounds are made to compete against Cheetahs as promoted by the park.

What is equally pathetic is that people are going to watch these ridiculous shows. Have they got nothing better to do? We are in the year 2017 and we are still watching sick animals shows to be entertained? Those who find such shows entertaining seriously need a life

Handling of the animals show that the park employees lacks empathy towards animals

There are ways to see animals, to learn about animals and to appreciate animals. A park with animal shows is not one of the ways. Respect the animals and their space. Never get too close.

Do not forget that one on one without any tools or arms, humans don’t stand a chance against other animals.

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