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The previous day…

Day 5 – Thursday 13 Aug 2015

There are lots of tour groups from Chengdu to Leshan but we prefer not to go with the group tour option unless we have to. We managed to arrange with the tour desk at the hotel for car transfer to get us to Leshan, wait for us, make a brief stop at a town call HuangLongXi and return us to Chengdu. The young man who drove us works at another hotel and drives clients about when he isn’t working, for some extra income. He dropped us off at one of the car parking area in Leshan. We didn’t have a contactable phone so all we can do is schedule a time and spot we would meet later.

The drive from Chengdu to Leshan was just under 2 hours

We got our tickets and headed to the area for the descent

we need to participate in this queue to get to the start of the stairs that leads down to the Buddha’s feet.

in the queue

is there any sites in China that no one visits and there isn’t a queue for?

parallel to the Buddha’s head

it was an hour before we got to the start of the steps leading down


frontal view

heading lower

the boats below. Boats are another option to view the Buddha.

The Giant Buddha was built during the Tang Dynasty to prevent floods

finally, at ground level about 1 hour later

At 71 metres tall, this is the world’s tallest pre-modern statue and the world’s largest stone Buddha. It is a wonder how out pre-modern ancestors built it

It was a very humid day. I have never sweated so much in my life. Not even during my 17 years growing up in Malaysia where it is hot and humid all year round. But then again, I have never done such extreme exercise ever in my life…

the path from which we descended

after a brief break, headed to the other side of the Buddha for an ascent this time to get to the arch bridge and Wuyou temple. The distance of the climb was only for about a quarter of the descent

making our way to the bridge

an area where restaurants lined both sides

the arch bridge

crossing the bridge, looking back at the way we came from

the climb to get to Wuyou temple

gate to Wuyou temple

Wuyou temple at the top

the ancient wooden structure with Tang dynasty style curved roofs

The temple itself does not receive so many visitors as most people see the Grand Buddha then leave. In addition, the climb to the top filters out those who did not want to make any efforts.

calm and peaceful

The next stop…

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