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Day 5 – Thursday 13 Aug 2015

Took a brief detour to Huanglongxi, a historical town located in Shuangliu County, 30 kilometers southeast from Chengdu.

The ancient town of Huanglongxi has a 1700 year history stretching back to the Three Kingdoms Period

it was summer and a weekend which explains the crowd splashing in water

The One Strand noodle making in action

i have to say that it is a misconception that scorpions and bugs are common Chinese snacks. I don’t understand why this is sold and promoted as snacks but three quarters of Chinese people probably never ate any of these. It is more of an indigenous food than Chinese food.

water fight

our driver for the day

view from the top of the tower

according to our driver, these buildings are sometimes used as filming sets

it was a rather big town

headed back to Chengdu and this was the end of our Sichuan trip.

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