Beasts and Beauties

Gindaco Takoyaki

This trip, we were going to savour some tastier takoyaki. After some researching, we were going to try out Gindaco. This is the outlet in Ikebukuro station. Their takoyaki is a little crispier. Pretty good.


January in Japan


Felt like yakiniku. This is one of the Jojoen branch in Ikebukuro. Not many countries can surpass the level of service in Japan. Our jackets were covered by the waiter for obvious reasons. The customers at the next table even had their Sony Vaio covered We asked for english menus my favourite choice, gyutan (ox …

Tsukemen at Taishoken

selecting behind the counter condiments selection these stools also function as storage for your belongings we were there when it opened shop, at 11 am, on the dot but this gentleman got there seconds before us. It was fullhouse within half an hour. a very huge serving of noodles the shopfront