Japanese In-flight service

We often get the question ‘Why Japan?’ The answer is a question. Where else but Japan?

Where else can you get flight attendants that assist you with your baggage instead of giving you that ‘hurry up and be seated’ look.

Not just with one bag but two…

Did you know that the flight attendants on the Qantas and Malaysian Airline flights that I have been on just stands at the end of each section, watching the passengers struggle with their baggage.

Poeple who have been to Japan but fail to appreciate the little details don’t deserve Japan.

Rakuichi Sobatei

The cottage is located in Niseko Annupuri

slippers for the guest

The lunch menu was pretty much limited to 5 items – classic soba or duck soba served atatakai (hot) or tsumetai (cold) and tempura. I could be wrong but the rest are sake.

I learnt about this place from Anthony Bourdain in No Reservations. He left a note.

Midori-san, the wife of the soba master, preparing in the kitchen


I had the cold duck soba

DT had the hot duck soba

as featured in No Reservations

Butter London Pastels

Was looking for nail polish that are less toxic and came across Butter London. Being in Australia, most things are either not yet available or not easily available or not available at all but thanks to the wonders of technology, most of these unavailable items can be obtained with just a few clicks.

From left to right: Teddy Girl, Shandy, Keen, Cuppa, Billy No Mates.